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On this page, we'll occasionally post stories of social (and other) events that the Maldon and Dengie Branch of CAMRA has recently got up to.  We are an active branch when it comes to socials, so why don't you come along to one soon and join in the fun?

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Wandsworth Common Wander - April 2016

The latest in our popular series of London pub walks started at the Falcon, just outside Clapham Junction station.  For many, it was a bit of a long way south of the river to venture, but never let it be said that MAD CAMRA members aren't intrepid!  The first pub had a beer festival going on, with over 25 beers on offer, so that was a good start....  


We then headed westwards up St John's Hill and tried two good pubs, including the quirky Powder Keg Diplomacy and then lunch was taken at the very traditional Beehive, a Fuller's house.  After that, it was time to stroll across the Common; it was a fine day, so everyone enjoyed the leg stretch.  Another couple of pubs later, we came across the best pub of the day - the Eagle Ale House, which had a superb selection of ales and ciders.


We had one more pub left to visit (the Draft House at Northcote) and then we headed home after a long but very enjoyable day.  Where will London Pub Walk No 9 take us?  You'll just have to wait and see!



Peckham: In Del Boy and Rodney's Footsteps - November 2016

London Pub Walk No 9 took us to a part of London most of us had never ventured into before - the home of "Peckham Spring Water(!)".  After a strenuous climb up One Tree Hill near Honor Oak Park railway station to admire the view of the City of London, we headed downhill to our first port of call - the magnificent Ivy House.  This was the first ever community-owned pub in London, which served a great range of ales - good food was enjoyed by all.


After a stroll through the scenic but eery Nunhead Cemetery, we piled into the London Beer Shop, a friendly micropub serving some interesting ales.  We then visited the Flying Pig, where some were brave enough to sit outside and watch the sun set!  Pub number 4 was the East Dulwich Tavern (known locally as the "EDT") - very busy and trendy, but with a good selection of beers.


The highlight of the day was probably the Brick Street Brewery - excellent choice of ales and super food.  The last stop was the quirky Beer Rebellion bar, which served up some interesting craft keg beers.  A fascinating walk, all in all.